KVH TracPhone FB150 FleetBroadband


Meet the challenges of the 21st century and gain a vital competitive advantage by bringing true broadband Internet connections to sea with KVH’s ultra-compact satellite communications system – the TracPhone FB150 FleetBroadband with Inmarsat service.

The TracPhone FB150 antenna is the smallest in KVH’s family of Inmarsat antennas that are FleetBroadband-compatible and is perfect for commercial vessels as small as 40 feet. When you’re going out to sea, you need a satellite phone you can trust. The fully stabilized TracPhone FB150 offers IP data connections up to 150 Kbps and simultaneous voice and SMS service, all via Inmarsat’s trusted FleetBroadband network with its I-4 satellite constellation offering reliable communications service for your commercial vessel.

Control costs and maximize revenue with real-time broadband data that enhances the efficiency of your commercial maritime operations. The TracPhone FB150 Inmarsat antenna allows you to gain access to weather data, sea conditions, chart updates, office networks, and onshore logistics and maintenance resources. For the first time, broadband at sea is small enough and affordable enough for you to rely on wherever you operate. And it’s all brought to you by KVH and Inmarsat, the leaders in commercial maritime broadband.


Inmarsat Multi-Voice Service


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