Inmarsat IsatPhone 2


Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 combines the reliability of Inmarsat’s existing I-4 global* network with an enhanced satellite phone handset and updated feature set from the original IsatPhone Pro.

The IsatPhone 2 is more rugged than the IsatPhone Pro; rating as dust-proof and jet-water-resistant (IP65). Service has been improved with faster acquisition time, and calls and text messages can be received when the antenna is not extended.  Additional features include SOS alerts and GPS tracking to locate the device on a map.

The IsatPhone 2 has a rechargeable battery continues to boast the longest satphone battery life on the market, with slightly improved ratings, offers 8 hours of Talk Time & 160 hours on Standby.  Charging is done via Micro-USB cable, enabling users to carry fewer chargers.  Solar chargers for the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 are also available from Mackay.

Quick Guide How to Use IsatPhone 2″,  YouTube Video, brought to you by Inmarsat.

Contact Mackay’s Satellite Solutions Department at 919-850-3100, to discuss pricing, accessories, and the satellite airtime package that best suits your applications.

*Global connectivity except in extreme polar regions

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