Iridium EXTREME® 9575 Satellite Phone Emergency KIT with Airtime SPECIAL




Iridium EXTREME® KIT Online Purchase (KIT-IRID-9575V):

  • Hurricane SPECIAL (Iridium EXTREME® 9575 Satellite Phone Emergency Kit with 100 Airtime minutes)
    Offer Valid While Supplies Last

    Be READY with Iridium’s EXTREME® 9575 Satellite Phone EMERGENCY KIT with 100 Airtime minutes, when connectivity could be crucial on land or at sea. Hurricane and unpredictable weather can compromise traditional communication channels; so rely on Iridium’s truly GLOBAL “always-one” satellite system.

    MACKAY’s Iridium EXTREME® 9575 Emergency Kit Includes:

    • Iridium EXTREME® 9575 Satellite Phone
    • Waterproof Pelican Case
    • Two Lithium Ion Batteries
    • Plug Adaptors
    • FREE Activation ($50 Value)

    Contact Mackay Satellite to take advantage of this limited time offer, or to add additional minutes to an existing kit:

    • More Kit Details
    • Satellite Airtime Plan Options (prepaid and postpaid options)
    • +1 919 850 3100 or

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