Sea Machines SM200 Remote Control Helm

Sea Machines

Sea Machines SM200 readily integrates with new or existing vessels and allows mariners to manage vessel control from personal locations that offer improved communications, greater visibility or increased safety. No longer bound to a fixed control station, vessel operators using the SM200 have propulsion and steering control in their hands, as well as remote control of auxiliaries and payload equipment.


SM200: Industrial-Grade Remote-Helm Control – YouTube

Mackay is proud to be a new GLOBAL Sea Machines partner.  The synergies between our two business are so well aligned that it was a natural fit to serve our customers.  All the sensor data that Sea Machines combines for their autonomous and risk aversion applications are drawn from bridge and communications electronics Mackay has specialized at integrating for years.  Our similar goal is to improve safety and efficiency of both the vessel and the mariner.

For more details and feedback, complete the Product Inquiry Form and we will contact you in 24 hours.  Thanks for your interest in Mackay and Sea Machines Robotics!

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