Seall TAB – Portable ENC Tablet (Electronic Navigational Charts)


Seall TAB is a turn-key solution that provides a complete portable ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) alternative.  Employ in an instance as a 3rd ECDIS solution or if temporarily needed for a flexible navigation option or situational awareness.

The TAB is the newest software solution from SEALL.  An end-to-end compact tablet & system that can be easily implemented, is user friendly, and manageable for modern offshore working.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Provides crew with instant navigation visibility from anywhere on the vessel
  • Maintains the safety security assurance as official charts
  • Portable & ensures can stay connected wherever the device is located
  • Connect to AIS can provide vessels position, course, speed & external traffic
  • Route Planning & Validation (optimized for Weather)
  • High Resolution & Vivid Colors
  • Easy to use & efficient access to navigation details
  • Paper Free TAB saves time, money and storage
  • Free Online Updates
  • Free Computer Training App

Technical Specs:

  • Windows Surface 7 Tablet
  • Ruggedized Tablet Cover
  • USB-C Ethernet Adapter
  • AIS Pilot Plug to USB Cable or Wifi Adapter
  • Optional USB GPS Mouse
  • Software updates via USB Key

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