Tokyo Keiki TG8000 Gyro Compass

Tokyo Keiki

The Tokyo Keiki TG8000 Gyro Compass is designed based on our previous TG model which has been installed on more than 8000 ships, keeping its high reliability, enhanced followup performance and interfacing features for equipment. The TG8000 is designed for standard IMO ship application, whereas the TG8500 is designed for High-Speed Craft application.
The TG-8000 Gyro Compass features longer life and a diverse range of output signals, both the results of Tokyo Keiki’s extensive experience in design and manufacturing. The TG-8000, in space-saving compact form, consists of two units, a master compass and control unit.
Key Features
  • Suitable for speeds of up to 70knots (TG8500)
  • Fast follow-up rate (maximum 75°/s)
  • Fast serial data output (IEC61162-2)
  • Interfaces with external heading sensor
  • Minimal system components for dual gyro system for space saving & installation cost
  • Startup-timer function


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