Simrad MX612 (D)GPS IMO-Type Approved Navigation System (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

The Simrad MX612 (D)GPS is one of Simrad’s next-generation IMO type-approved Navigation Systems designed for the professional mariner.  With extensive multi-ports (12), and employing either SimNet or NMEA 2000 data interfaces, reliability & data connectivity with other navigation systems is enhanced. An all-in-one package will provide a complete professional navigation system for vessels requiring IMO type-approved electronics.  Options are available to integrate with other Simrad products.

The MX610/MX612 both feature hot keys for direct access to info such as position and navigation data, and you can enjoy the convenience of heading and AIS data when an appropriate GPS compass or AIS unit is available on the NMEA 2000 network. Operators also have the opportunity to save and restore navigation data using a USB memory stick. The USB port can also be used for
optional software updates. The new generation of Simrad Professional navigation systems offer more NMEA 0183 serial ports. The MX610 includes 4 ports, while the MX612 offers 12 dedicated ports.
This multi-port interface allows simple plug-and-play connectivity to other NMEA devices such as ECDIS, AIS, Gyro and other navigation information systems. Although you can purchase a complete MX610/MX612 system including an MX521A smart antenna, the control units are also compatible with a range of current Simrad antennas making replacement of previous CDU models like MX420, MX510 or MX512 easier. Integrate the MX610/MX612 with the Simrad MX575C DGPS Compass, GS70 antenna or HS80 GPS compass.


  • IMO Compliant Control & Display Unit
  • Ease of installation & operation with standard NMEA 2000 interface
  • MOB & four (4) hotkeys POS, NAV, HDG, and
    AIS (class B AIS)
  • For use with MX521A GPS/DGPS smart antenna, HS80 IMO GPS compass, & MX535C IMO DGPS compass
  • 12 NMEA 0183 I/O ports (10 w/ MX521A GPS); enables connectivity to NMEA devices
    (i.e. ECDIS, AIS, Gyro)
  • External MOB & alarms integrated in the CDU console
  • 5” LCD bonded screen for crisp visual & 16-bit display for wider viewing angle
  • Option to save & restore navigation data with a USB memory stick

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