Highlander HLD-B2 & HLD-S2


The Highlander HLD-B2 VDR & HLD-S2 S-VDR is one of Beijing Highlander’s primary marine products.

Highlander’s “marine black box” provide real-time recording and retrievable data; capturing vessel position changes, command & control, navigation course, maritime conditions, etc., all geared to enhance safe voyage and for analysis in the event of a navigation-related accident.

These second generation Highlander VDR models are international standard-compliant and integrate state-of-the-art design schemes to interface primary bridge systems and sensors; with installation on 5,000+ vessels worldwide.

Key Features

  • Highly reliable embedded operating systems
  • Detailed log backup & remote fault diagnosis
  • Real time playback software & interface provided
  • Data Accessibility: PC Connectivity via Local Area Network, enables ship data replay or copy by any PC on-board
  • Radar Interface – HLD-B2 VDR able to record up to 4 radars
  • Flexible & adaptable configurations – Analog & digital signal inputs, Inmarsat interface, long distance annual performance test (additional devices required)
  • Easy to install on variety of ships – compact & lightweight
  • Optional components: Removable Storage Module, Data Acquisition Unit

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