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Telemedicine Backpack Proof of Concept

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Telemed Backpack Proof of Concept Connectivity in Remote Alaska  (link to printable pdf) Partners In Energy can provide Telemedicine Solutions for your organization. Our network of partners allow us to provide hardware and software solutions that are customized to your needs. In addition, Partners In Energy is a distributor and authorized representative for SwyMed telemedicine… Read More

2018 Fall Fish Flyer

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Mackay Canada 2018 Fish Flyer   Mackay Marine Canada is one of the largest marine electronics companies in Canada and they are part of the Mackay Marine Group that has 38 strategic locations around the globe and 90+ partner agents. With locations in major Canadian ports Mackay Marine Canada serves a broad range of customers… Read More

Inmarsat Multi-Voice for FleetBroadband

Inmarsat Multi-Voice Service Do you remember when Inmarsat Fleet-77 provided up to 6 voice lines and you could call, or be called from the bridge, the Captain’s day room, the Ship’s office, the Chief Engineer’s office, or even the ECR? Many were disappointed when Inmarsat’s shiny new FleetBroadband service only provided one voice line?   Several… Read More

Mackay Outfits Crowley’s ConRo Vessels

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Press Release (pdf) Mackay Marine Outfits Crowley’s New LNG-Fueled ConRo Vessels with Comprehensive Communications & Navigation Systems    Mackay Communications (dba Mackay Marine) is proud to announce its collaborative involvement with owner Crowley Maritime Corporation and VT Halter Marine, the shipbuilder, in the design, supply, and installation of advanced integrated bridge systems (IBS), complete with… Read More

SIM Cards – What You Need to Know

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Mackay Communications – SIM Cards What You Need To Know But No One Ever Told You PDF Version   (Subscriber Identity Module) SIM Cards are the mechanism for provisioning service on Iridium and Inmarsat voice and IP data terminals and can be compared to SIM cards used in Global System for Mobiles (GSM) or personal… Read More

Mackay Marine Brazil and Salinor Project

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Mackay Marine Brazil is pleased to announce the delivery of the complete navigation and communication electronics package, and onboard system commissioning for the recently launched Comte Paschoal, built at the São Miguel Shipyard in Brazil.  The Comte Paschoal, a dedicated Salt Carrier Vessel and is owned by Salinor / Navenor. Mackay Marine fitted the Comte… Read More

Lars Thrane A/S & Mackay Agreement

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Mackay Communications is happy to announce that we have signed a global distribution agreement with Lars Thrane A/S for their complete portfolio of navigation and communications products. Lars Thrane  specializes in design and manufacturing of high-performance satellite communications systems focusing on the current and enhanced Iridium satellite network along with navigation sensors using the latest,… Read More

2018 Mackay Satellite Tradeshows

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Visit Mackay Communications’ Satellite Services team at one of our upcoming satellite tradeshows, conferences or seminars.  We look forward to discussing how satellite communications equipment and service can best fit your application and improve your business operations. Any questions, feel free to contact us at: Mackay Satellite Services    +1 919-850-3100, Mackay Land-Mobile Satellite 2018 Trade… Read More

Tradeshow Schedule 2018 Mackay Marine

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Take a look at Mackay’s Tradeshow Schedule below, and visit Mackay Marine at one of our upcoming tradeshow exhibits, conferences or seminars for 2018.  We look forward to discussing how our full line of maritime electronics and satellite communications equipment and service can best fit your applications and improve your business operations. Any questions feel free… Read More

Satellite Basics – Glossary Terms

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Have you ever wondered what your satellite technician was saying? Were they using really technical jargon that you didn’t understand? Use this glossary about Satellite Basics Terms to understand what they were saying. And don’t worry we have attached a PDF so that you can download this and use it wherever you are. Download the… Read More

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