Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry is a key market sector Mackay is committed to provide significant staff and application resources to serve its diverse segments.   Mackay’s Marine Sales, Service Division, Project Integration Group, and Mackay Satellite Services each have dedicated teams to address the needs of  current and potential Oil and Gas customers.

Serving Offshore Oil and Gas
Mackay Marine utilizes every aspect of its professional skill set, driven by our Project Integration Management Group with their broad experience in New-Build, Retrofit and Upgrade Projects to best serve the electronic equipment needs of our offshore oil and gas customers.  Keen product analysis and applications skills, coupled with applying extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, result in Mackay’s unique ability to provide complete engineered solutions to address the challenges facing operators of critical assets utilized in the offshore industry.

Offshore Asset Experience

  • MODU’s comprised of: Drill Ships, Semi-Submersibles, Jack-Ups
  • FPSO’s
  • Platforms – Drilling and Production
  • Deep Water Offshore Support Vessels

Applicable Products

  • Communications
    o External (GMDSS, VHF, UHF, VSAT, FleetBroadband)
    o Internal (PA/GA, Intercom, UHF, VHF)
    o LAN’s
  • Fire and Smoke Detection
  • Complete line of Navigation Electronics
  • Surveillance: Automatic Collision Avoidance/Approach, Anti-Piracy, Asset Movement Notification

Mackay offers the latest technologies to meet the high demands of this industry.  Integrated digital technologies with IP addressable devices connected through Fiber Optic networks reduce wiring weights, costs, and labor; an example of Mackay’s goal to propose comprehensive operational and cost-effective solutions.

Contact Mackay Marine at marinesales@mackaymarine.com or call +1-281-479-1515 to discuss how we can best meet your marine electronic equipment needs  and plans for your offshore capital.

Satellite Communications for Oil & Gas Applications

Click on: Mackay Satellite Solutions for Oil and Gas  for specific Oil and Gas applications benefiting from targeted satellite solutions with  a range of  system and airtime options Mackay Satellite offers onshore and offshore customers.

Contact Mackay Satellite Services at +1 919-850-3100 or satserv@mackaycomm.com

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