Subsea (SeaFloor Mapping)

Olex – 3D Mapping & Plotting System 

Olex is an innovative software program for navigation, fishing and surveying. Uniquely running on a very stable Linux-based platform, Olex utilizes a dedicated processor; the new M4 fan-less Computer with solid-state hard drive and WiFi. (pdf specs)

Olex systems interface with any NMEA single-beam sounder, Atec Multibeam, WASSP & most Simrad Multibeam units. Great Optional Features: Bottom Hardness, Weather, AIS, Trawl Position. Plus, FREE Software Updates!

SEEING is BELIEVING – Click on Mackay’s dedicated You-Tube Channel for in-depth Olex System videos showcasing the impressive ocean-floor details, extensive capabilities & ease-of-use.

Olex’s SHARED Global Bottom Data, FREE to Fellow Olex Users, is the  Highest Quality on the Market.  You Can’t Afford to Fish Without OLEX!

Contact Mackay Marine’s dedicated-Olex Team* at for complete details and applications, or call Seattle WA +1 206 282 8080 or Halifax, NS +1 902 468 8480.

*Mackay is the exclusive North American Olex representative
and supports many other global markets.