Subsea (SeaFloor Mapping)

Olex – 3D Mapping & Plotting System 

Olex is an innovative software program for navigation, fishing and surveying. Uniquely running on a very stable Linux-based platform, Olex utilizes a dedicated processor; the new M4 fan-less Computer with solid-state hard drive and WiFi. (pdf specs)

Olex systems interface with any NMEA single-beam sounder, Atec Multibeam, WASSP & most Simrad Multibeam units. Great Optional Features: Bottom Hardness, Weather, AIS, Trawl Position. Plus, FREE Software Updates!

Olex’s SHARED Global Bottom Data, FREE to Fellow Olex Users, is the  Highest Quality on the Market.  You Can’t Afford to Fish Without OLEX!

Contact Mackay Marine’s dedicated-Olex Team* at for complete details and applications, or call Seattle WA +1 253 922 6260 or Halifax, NS +1 902 468 8480.

*Mackay is the exclusive North American Olex representative
and supports many other global markets.