Olex Fastrack Remote


Olex Fastrack Remote allows quick one button placement of event marks and ships track for multiple plotting devices such as Olex, MaxSea and Hondex.

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Olex Software is a unique system for navigation and charting, developed by the Norwegian company Olex AS. The system is used in fisheries, aquaculture, and maritime contracting, and consist of three main elements: 1) Functions for seabed, water column and currents mapping.2) Navigation, and display of digital vector charts. 3) Plotting functions

The Weather Forecast System will automatically download the latest information about currents, waves, wind and air pressure and display that information graphically with colors, arrows and graphs. See the weather as it is now, in the future or what the weather will be like when you pass trough an area. The GRIB-module also comes with support for downloading certain types of plotter data, such as information about fisheries from Barents Watch.

Information about wind, current, and air pressure can be downloaded from met.no for free. The way the information is presented in the Olex is inspired by yr.no.

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