Advanced Metering & Satellite Solutions

Complete your AMI system by using Mackay Solutions to extend coverage to all of your meters, no matter how remote with advanced metering. Satellite is the only cost-effective solution that provides AMI to all your difficult to monitor locations with real time connectivity.

A complete communication network can increase revenue and customer well-being with immediate notification of outages, enabling rapid response and resolution. By extending AMI to every meter, utilities can provide unprecedented levels of service to rural customers.
Enable real-time meter reads, instant remote connect & disconnect, and track outage restoration progress at every meter with satellite, regardless of location. Reduce or even eliminate unnecessary meter-related truck rolls by extending two-way communication to every meter.

Eliminate guesswork and increase efficiency and safety with a 99.99% reliable network independent of terrestrial infrastructure.  Satellite systems will compliment your existing communications system; provide ensured connectivity for your AMI network, secure backhaul, global coverage and cost-effective airtime.

From system design through implementation and ongoing service, contact Mackay Satellite Services at +1 919 850-3100 or

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