Asset Tracking

Oil & natural gas exploration and production inherently requires the utilization of large asset fleets. Mackay can tracks your valuable assets worldwide using satellite terminals and manages them through a single portal.  This solution can be applied to a wide range of assets, including vehicles, drill rigs, tanks, and other non-powered equipment.

The most basic tracking systems can provide location information. In addition to GPS coordinates, we can configure your system solution to communicate essential data from remote sites, including:

  • Tank level readings
  • Compressor status
  • Geo-fencing
  • Intrusion alerts
  • Movement alerts
  • Telemetry data

Mackay’s two-way satellite electronics increases your communication power by enabling messaging to remote assets for polling an RTU, actuating a digital switch, or adjusting tracking configurations on-the-fly, all from within your control station.

Mackay Communications customizes asset tracking solutions and integrates satellite into your existing infrastructure to provide reliable total asset management no matter where your operations are located.

Oil and Gas Industry – Mackay Satellite Solution Support

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