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Projects – Retrofit with new technology  and equipment into existing vessels requires the utmost in professional planning and knowledge.  New industry standards, IMO rulings, and/or class society requirements, frequently translate into an urgent need for an owner to remove major navigation systems and replace them with newer equipment to comply with those standards.

The technical knowledge base at Mackay Marine stems from the days when a few small electronic components could repair nearly anything on the bridge for your retrofit.  We have evolved with the industry and in the process have acquired a thorough knowledge of the operational characteristics of older equipment which needs to be removed, or interfaced for communication with the newer technology.

Mackay will arrange for a preliminary survey of the vessel in order to understand the basic scope of a request from our customer on your retrofit project.  We work with our client to reach a recommended solution and in conjunction with the requirements of that solution, we will generate a detailed proposal to move forward.  We take into account the allotted time for the repairs relative to the ships schedule, as well as, the budget available to the owner.

In some cases, the proposed action will entail resource investment from both Mackay and the client to allocate the necessary time for gathering engineering data, measurements, and photographs.  These efforts will pay dividends many times over, as the project moves from planning to fruition; allowing for detailed pre-planning and arrangements for when the vessel is available in port or alongside for repairs.

The need to keep your vessel under charter, rather than down for maintenance, is well appreciated by our company.  Mackay Marine has the necessary experience, resources, and desire to move quickly when a retrofit is deemed imminent and critical.

Sampling of Major Mackay Retrofit Projects:  

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