Oil & Gas

Mackay Satellite Services specializes in working with the Oil & Gas industry to ensure ‘always-on’ tracking, monitoring and safety of remote assets.

Guesswork is not an option when revenue and safety are at risk. Real time data collection and global connectivity are essential to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Every wellhead, vehicle and employee needs to be accounted for.

Your industry has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the constant flow and integrity of precious natural resources. Resources that can become unstable and dangerous if not monitored constantly. Employees must also be provided with the tools to ensure a safe environment in the field.

Having backup systems in place before traditional communication networks fail is essential for continued operations under any circumstance. Monitor all assets and employee safety anywhere on the Earth, eliminate guesswork and never send an employee to manually check the status of a remote wellhead or pipeline again.

Our satellite solutions guarantee voice and data
connectivity where and when cellular, radio, and landlines are not feasible. And we provide backup for critical locations that must be monitored constantly to ensure system integrity. From offshore rigs to the most remote oilfields, Mackay ensures you have 24/7 real time connectivity wherever you need it.

With a 99.99% reliable network independent of terrestrial infrastructure, secure connectivity, cost-effective airtime plans and global coverage, satellite is your only true option to ensure the safety and security of your assets. Mackay Communications is there for you to develop your project, to see you through its implementation, and to provide continued support throughout the lifetime of your assets, even when your needs may change.

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