Business demands mandate upgrades in legacy SCADA systems as the dependence on data increases. A slow 9.6 kbps SCADA connection is neither practical nor functional to a modern enterprise.

A broadband connection for real time data has become necessary for Utilities to stay competitive and raise the bar to the next level of customer satisfaction and grid modernization. One terminal can now send/receive SCADA, support security cameras, allow technicians to connect to internal network for service, remotely troubleshoot repairs and more.

Distribution SubstationMaintain substation connectivity under any condition with satellite integrated as your primary or automatic backup communication system. Never lose contact with remote transmission/distribution assets with a 99.99% reliable FERC-compliant secure network independent of local terrestrial infrastructure. Increase revenue with greater grid reliability, customer satisfaction with faster responses and create operational efficiencies with remote troubleshooting.

Satellite enables your company to become proactive and reactive in real time, lowering costs while increasing safety and revenue. Mackay is with you through project conception, implementation and roll-out to ensure your systems are always on.

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