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Mackay Communications offers satellite airtime services for Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and a wide variety of Ku and Ka VSAT terminals and devices used in maritime and land-based applications.  Once Mackay and our Satellite Services team helps you decide which terminal, service, and airtime plan most effectively meets your needs and budget, we can install, activate and train your personnel to effectively utilize your new satellite communication system to enhance business operations.

Mackay is proud to be an Inmarsat partner for 35+ years.  Inmarsat owns and operates a network of geo-stationary satellites; supplying global mobile satellite services for marine and terrestrial applications from inception.  Inmarsat is considered to be the pioneer of mobile broadband satellite communications utilizing their L-Band services and recently has embarked on network expansion with the launch of Inmarsat GX VSAT services.

Iridium was the first to launch a global service for small handheld satellite terminals and has been extremely successful fulfilling the needs of this marketplace.  Owning and operating a large network of satellites operating in Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO), Iridium offers a variety of voice and data services for handheld devices and shipboard communications, including anti-piracy units.  The upcoming launch of Iridium’s NEXT satellites will usher in a new set of capabilities.

Globalstar is back to full operational status with a new constellation of satellites.  Both voice and lower speed data offerings are available, primarily accessed via handheld satellite phones.

Mackay can assist you with higher bandwidth terminals that operate in the Ku and Ka Bands, commonly referred to as VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). There is a wide variety of terminals and services available to meet any need you may have, whether on land or at sea.

Mackay’s current VSAT network and solutions partners include Inmarsat, KVH, SeaLink and IPacess.

IPaccess is a leading mobile and fixed VSAT satellite solutions provider with 17+ years experience serving 1,100 active global sites. Offering end-to-end turnkey equipment and airtime to regional and federal organizations supporting mission-critical requirements, coupled with a 24/7 responsive operations team.  IPaccess is continually expanding communications solutions to serve an ever-changing on-demand and critical-response environment.

Contact Mackay Satellite Services at or call us at 919-850-3100 for timely and professional advice regarding any of your satellite communications needs.

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