Spares & Consumables

Our friendly and efficient Counter Sales teams expeditiously fulfill orders for small finished goods, spares, & consumables used on vessels.  This includes handheld radios, batteries, EPIRBS, SARTS, GPS, SSAS, Magnetrons, Spheres, paper supplies, antennas, cables, computers, and more.


The hallmarks of Counter Sales operations are:

  • Swift response to inquiries
  • Ability to quote a wide range of products; especially hard-to-find items
  • Comprehensive quotes, including Freight, Customs, Duties, and Special Handling
  • Mackay’s invoices are designed to precisely match a customer’s Purchase Order
  • Rapid fulfillment and reliable delivery dates
  • Competitive pricing


 Contact us 24/7 at  or call +1 281-478-6245 to fill your small goods or spare parts needs.

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