Olex HMS Remote


The NEW Olex HMS Remote is now available! The Olex HMS Remote allows for quick and easy control of any Olex or MaxSea plotter. Now back-lit with red LED lights, 1/2 the thickness of the original remote, screw mounting points, and 10′ cable!

Olex allows fishermen around the world to handedly discover, survey and map their fishing grounds. The self-produced seabed maps is helping them in achieving a more efficient and profitable fishery. The fish farming industry uses Olex for finding new locations, placing anchors and moorings more exactly and subsequently monitor their fish farms. Olex is also widely used within aquaculture, research and shipping. Through the common data sharing program, billions of depth measurements is exchanged, among all the different user groups. Olex has increased the
knowledge of the seabed, and the ocean as a resource can therefore be utilized in a better way.

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