Since inception in 1884, Mackay has participated in promoting innovative communications solutions.  Our experience has grown from early involvement in two sectors eliciting an evolution in communications – the adoption of transatlantic cable service and shipboard radio products, as required by the International Maritime Organization for enhanced safety and security at sea.  Advancement in wireless global communications has been exponential with the development of satellite technology.

Mackay Communications has been on the forefront of providing turn-key satellite solutions for commercial and governmental mariners and land-based remote applications; evidenced, by our longtime partnerships with leading-edge satellite communications equipment manufacturers and an authorized distributor for satellite network airtime for Inmarsat, Iridium, GlobalstarVSAT (Ku, Ka, and new GX) technologies and a hybrid Push-to-Talk System.

Coastal, offshore, and high-seas marine customers can choose from Mackay’s full array of satellite products to satisfy at-sea and onshore operational and security requirements, while providing crew communications benefits.  Our goal is to recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment and airtime package tailored to meet your specific communication applications.

Depending on data, voice, video, and security needs, Mackay can outfit any size or class vessel with compact broadband satellite equipment, handheld satellite phones, tracking or anti-piracy systems, with a full menu of satellite airtime plans to select from.  For unique client requirements, we’ll collaborate with bridge design teams to propose an integrated communication system solution.

In addition to providing satellite products & airtime, Mackay is committed to responsive communication equipment service:

  • Mackay’s Chesapeake, VA location was selected in 2007 as a certified COBHAM (previously Thrane) Regional Workshop Americas (RWS); providing warranty and post-warranty repair service for portable SAILOR/Thrane marine and EXPLORER land-mobile communications products.
  • Mackay Marine operates three (3) authorized On Board Service Centers (OSCs) out of our New York/New Jersey, New Orleans (LA), and Seattle (WA) locations, offering factory-trained premier service for all on-board SAILOR maritime products from COBHAM (Thrane), complete with a comprehensive inventory of spare parts.
  • U.S. Government end-users and contractors with satellite equipment service inquiries, regardless of brand or technologies, should contact Mackay’s Government Division at 904-880-4633 or
  • Mackay World Service provides 24/7 coordination utilizing Mackay’s internal network of dedicated service offices in 30 major North American ports and 16 strategic international locations, engaging Mackay’s cadre of 150 Marine Service Technicians, and collaborative arrangements with 90+ worldwide marine service agents.

Mackay’s maritime satellite communication terminals, handheld satellite phones, and tracking systems are listed on this portal.  For complete satellite solutions options, satellite equipment and airtime details for both marine and land-mobile applications, visit the ted Mackay Satellite Solutions section of this website at or contact our dedicated Satellite Solutions Team at 919-850-3100,

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