KVH TracPhone V11-IP


KVH TracPhone V11-IP  C & Ku-Band VSAT Satellite Terminal is a unique hybrid Dual-Mode VSAT solution that optimizes the best of both C-Band & Ku-Band technology in a compact 1.1 meter antenna; providing maritime customers with more reliable and near-global connectivity.

The previous KVH TracPhone V11 has been replaced with the KVH TracPhone V11-IP which sports a highly-integrated below-decks unit containing a satellite modem, ACU (Antenna Control Unit), enhanced voice interface, and the updated streamlined Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) below-decks unit.  The newest ICM enables KVH’s IP-MobileCast Content Delivery Service in addition to improved reliability, simple installation, built-in network management, and unparalleled ease of use.

The new KVH CommBox provides custom firewall and user access profiles, an email server with web-based client access, automated file transfers, optimized web browsing with dynamic image compression, VPN connectivity,complete system logging & a hub for streaming IP-MobileCast. Utilizing a 3-axis stabilized antenna with a 4th skew-axis to optimize signal reception, both Ku- and C-band communications are enabled via KVH’s unique spread-spectrum multi-user access, based on Viasat’s proprietary Arclight platform.


Key Features

  • Enhanced coverage – regional Ku-band footprints + near-global C-band coverage
  • V11-IP seamlessly switches between Ku & C-band
  • C-band provides superior performance in rain & adverse weather
  • Newly integrated CommBox optimizes connectivity, onboard network management & value-added services
  • An internal GPRS modem enhances KVH remote diagnostics technical support
  • Radome design enables access to serviceable components
  • Single rate satellite airtime plan


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