KVH TracPhone V7-IP


KVH TracPhone V7-IP Ku-Band VSAT Satellite Terminal is a completely integrated below-decks-unit including an ArcLight spread spectrum modem and IP-enabled antenna control unit (CommBox-ACU) for increased operational efficiency. With a 3-Axis, gyro-stabilized, compact rugged antenna, the V7-IP is an enterprise-grade, feature-packed Ku-band maritime VSAT system.

Note: The enhanced TracPhone V7-IP replaces its predecessor, the standard TracPhone V7, which is no longer in production.

TracPhone V7-IP, coupled with KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband Satellite Service, operates seamlessly for onboard networking and heavy maritime Internet use, providing extensive global coverage and reliability. TracPhone V7-IPis a breakthrough maritime satellite communications product designed for the broadband era and its requirements for onboard networking. With a 3-axis, gyro-stabilized, 60 cm diameter VSAT antenna, TracPhone V7-IP provides always-on connectivity and worldwide coverage using the industry-leading VSAT network – mini-VSAT Broadband.

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