Koden KGP-915 GPS

Koden Electronics

Koden KGP-915 GPS numeric keypad enables ease of use and simple waypoint entry. Common features include auto or manual compensation or magnetic variation, MOB button, alarms for Cross Track Error, Waypoint Proximity and Anchor Watch.

The Koden KGP-915 has the ability to convert the latitude and longitude display into Decca Lanes of Position (LOP’s). There is also the facility to enter a LOP correction for either the Red, Green or Purple lanes.



  • Brite 4.3- inch Color LCD Display 4.3- inch Color LCD Display provides larger letters and a variety of colors for high visibility even under bright sunlight
  • More accurate position, 72 channel parallel gives more accurate position on “Position”, “SOG”, and “COG”
  • Easy numeric keypad operation. Numeric keypad helps quicker and easier operation
  • Extended memory capacity: 100 routes / 3,000 own ship’s trail points can be stored in
  • Two data ports provide custom data format, baud rate and output format
  • USB memory support for quick data backup; USB memory support for quick backup of settings, waypoint, route, and ship’s trail point.
  • Various screen modes: 6 screen modes such as Navigation, Steering, Highway, Plotter, etc. can be selected.

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