Koden MDC-5000 Black Box Radar Series

Koden Electronics

Koden MDC-5000 Black Box Radar Series features chart overlay & built-in ATA & AIS interface.  The MDC-5000 series consists of the operator control panel, the antenna & the black box processor which is used in conjunction with a user supplied XGA or UXGA monitor.

  • Black Box Radar with Chart Overlay
  • Built-in AIS Interface for up to 500 Targets
  • Built-in ATA Tracks up to 50 Targets
  • Choice of 25″ Radome or 3ft, 4f or 6ft Open Array
  • Uses C-Map Max Charts on SD Format
  • Black Box Excludes Monitor

Target Tracking with up to 50 Targets Fitted as Standard
ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) tracks up to 100 targets.  Vessels being tracked are easily identified with a number and vector line.  Detailed information such as CPA (Closest Point of Approach), TCPA (Time to Closest Point of Approach), Speed, Course etc can be displayed.  If the automatic acquisition zone is set, up to 50 targets entering the zone will be automatically locked and tracked.

Built-in AIS
When connected to an AIS receiver, the MDC-5000 series radar displays information on up to 500 vessels equipped with AIS transmitters.  Detailed information such as vessel name, MMSI number, Speed & Course can be displayed on up to 3 targets.

Guard Zone
A user definable guard zone warns of targets/vessels entering or leaving the zone.

True Trail Function
When connected to a heading sensor and GPS moving targets will leave a true echo trail.  Stationary targets such as land and buoys leave no trail, even while your vessel is moving.

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