x_Intellian v60G Ku-Band VSAT (EOL, June ’22)


(EOL, June ’22)

Although Intellian v60 is EOL as of June ’22, Mackay, Intellian & Inmarsat will continue to support activation & service until further notice.

Intellian’s  gyro-free satellite search function enables the Intellian v60 VSAT to acquire and lock onto the satellite without requiring a separate input from the ship’s gyro-compass. The v60G can be accessed, monitored, and controlled from any location in the world. Additionally, routine maintenance activities can be automated. Aptus helps automate firmware upgrades, tracking parameter adjustment, and system diagnosis.

Intellian v-Series antennas are 3-axis stabilized maritime satellite communication antenna systems that offer exceptional value and superior RF performance. These exceptional Intellian v60 VSAT systems support single and multi-band LNBs (including Intellian’s exclusive Global PLL LNB), both cross-pol and co-pol feeds, numerous BUC options as well as a Dual Mediator option for expanded redundancy and fail safe applications.

All v-Series antennas interface with Intellian’s Aptus software via PC, Mobile or Remote Web access, ensuring ease of operation onboard as well as access to remote ‘support whenever its needed.’

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