Intellian v80 VSAT (EOL, June ’22)


(EOL, June ’22)

Although Intellian v80 is EOL as of June ’22, Mackay, Intellian & Inmarsat will continue to support activation & service until further notice.

The simplified design of Intellian v80G VSAT allows users to install and setup the system without the need for a skilled engineer. Likewise, the v80G’s firmware can be updated with an external USB drive, or by Wi-Fi connection. The built in LED lamp inside the radome base provides safer and brighter maintenance environment. Intellian’s new generation Gyro-free satellite search function enables the v80G to acquire and lock onto a satellite without requiring a separate input from a ship’s gyro-compass. If a heading device is available, it can be connected via an NMEA interface.

The v80G can be accessed, monitored, and controlled from any location in the world. Additionally, routine maintenance activities can be automated. Aptus helps automate firmware upgrades, tracking parameter adjustment, and system diagnosis including the event history logging feature. The v80G offers a single cable solution that supplies 48V DC power and TX signal together from its control unit via one RF cable. Intellian makes it simpler to install or retrofit.
Intellian VSAT antenna systems are designed and manufactured to function flawlessly in the harshest marine environments. Our high tech innovation ensures superior RF performance and reliability, while our common sense, user-focused approach makes installation and maintenance a breeze. Intellian maintains global service centers in Seoul, Irvine, Fort Lauderdale, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam and Southampton as well as our Maritime Technical Center in Busan, Korea. Intellian’s vast network of distributors and dealers are located in all major world ports with trained technicians and professional service staff on hand.
Intellian VSAT antennas take advantage of an open system architecture, designed to work seamlessly with all major satellite service providers, giving you greater flexibility to profitably package your airtime service contracts.

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