JRC JLN-550 Doppler Sonar Dual Axis Speed Log (End of Life)


The JRC JLN-550 Speed Log has been discontinued and replaced by the JRC JLN-740 Speed Log. 

JRC JLN-550 Doppler Sonar Dual Axis Speed Log provides ship speed information with higher stability in dual frequency mode.  The lower ultrasonic frequency measures ground speed & the higher ultrasonic frequency calculates the ship’s speed against water with a minimized effect of aeration.  Compact transducer enables bow installation.


  • Reduced error with ultrasonic beam fore & aft directions
  • Doppler measurement ensures accurate & stable speed data in rough conditions.
  • Downsized transducer (though dual frequency) smaller than conventional
  • High visibility display with multiple modes
  • Easy to interface (2nd display, smaller remote displays, send data to Radar & ECDIS)
  • GPS connectivity enhances speed data & accurate positioning
  • Optional unique online maintenance for remote trouble-shooting & monitoring

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