Dukane-Seacom Awards Mackay Marine Worldwide Distribution

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After competitive evaluations, Dukane-Seacom has awarded Mackay Marine a worldwide distributorship for Dukane’s VDR Acoustic Beacons. These devices are attached to a ship’s VDR* (Voyage Data Recorder) and activated in the event a vessel is submerged, after which the beacon will be the primary signal locator for a sunken ship. 

Mackay Marine will be Dukane’s primary distributor for the United States; selling and installing Dukane acoustic beacon’s directly from Mackay’s 15 U.S. locations and through independent maritime dealers.  Inventory and distribution will be coordinated from Mackay’s Miami office.  Outside the U.S., Mackay has distribution rights through its 15 international locations and network of 90 Marine Service Agents, with the exception of Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

“We’re excited about the opportunity to serve the many segments of this market,” says Scott Thiemens Sr., Mackay’s Southeastern U.S. and Latin America Regional Director.  “We’re impressed with the high quality of Dukane’s beacons and their commitment to update the product line as regulations require. Mackay’s Marine customers will benefit directly from assured inventory, rapid response, and attractive pricing.”

Dukane’s maritime VDR Acoustic Beacon product line consists of the DKM120, DK120, DKM502, DKM-502/90, and the DK485.  Mackay will also source Dukane’s newest compact ATS-270 Beacon Tester.  Inquiries should be sent to DukaneSales@mackaymarine.com or by calling +1 954-431-7223.

          * A VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) is the “black-box” of the maritime industry.  It continuously collects navigational and environmental data, storing at least 12 hours of specifically required data, as mandated by the IMO (International Maritime Organization).  Once retrieved from a downed vessel, this data is analyzed and often contributes to determining the causal relationships of the incident.  

About Dukane HEICO is a $2 billion aerospace company based in Chicago, IL, USA.  HEICO owns numerous divisions that supply materials to the airline manufacturers, including Radiant Power Corporation who manages the Dukane-Seacom product facility, located in Sarasota, Florida.  Dukane/Seacom designs and produces beacons for aviation and acoustical purposes, including a line of marine VDR beacons. Previously, sister company, Seal Dynamics, distributed Dukane beacons to the aviation and maritime industries, but is now concentrating its efforts entirely on the aviation sector.  www.heico.com ; www.radiantpowercorp.com

About Mackay Marine: For 125 years Mackay has been a turnkey provider of communications and maritime solutions, offering electronic products & services to marine, offshore, & land-mobile industries, serving commercial & governmental sectors. Mackay Marine represents the world's leading manufacturers of marine electronics; offering a full line of navigation, communications, safety & security and below-deck equipment. Mackay Marine has global offices in 30 strategic portsMackay World Service coordinates service 24/7 for all type-class vessels, through its owned-offices and a network of 90+ service agents.  Mackay Communication, Inc.'s corporate headquarters is in Raleigh, NC, USA.  www.mackaymarine.com

Press ReleaseMackay Marine Awarded Dukane VDR Acoustic Beacon Distributorship

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