2017 Mackay Satellite Trade Shows and Customer Seminars

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Visit Mackay Communications’ Satellite Services team at one of our upcoming trade show exhibits, conferences or seminars.  We look forward to discussing how satellite communications equipment and service can best fit your application and improve your business operations.

Any questions, feel free to contact us at:
Mackay Satellite Services    +1 919-850-3100, satserv@mackaycomm.com

Mackay Land-Mobile Satellite 2017 Trade Shows & Seminars:

Jan. 19th                  Calhoun County, SC Emergency Management – Lunch & Learn
Jan. 31-Feb 2           Distributech, San Diego, CA  –  Booth #931    
Feb. 28-Mar 1           SC Emerg Management Expo, Myrtle Beach, SC
March 21-22             VEMA VA Emerg Mgmt., Williamsburg, VA  –  Booth # 22
March 29-30             Intl Wireless Comm (IWCE), Las Vegas, NV  –  Booth # 1722
                                                  IWCE17 Mackay VIP Expo Pass
April 22-25                ATA 2017 (Telemedicine), Orlando, FL  –  Booth # 2141
April 25-27                Entelec (Oil & Gas), Houston, TX  –  Booth # 633
Entelec17 Mackay VIP Expo Pass
August 14-15            APCO Intl. , Denver, CO  –  Booth # 1047
Sept. 2017                ATA 2017 Fall Forum, Washington, DC
Nov. 3-5                    SUSAR – State Urban Search & Rescue Training Conference/Expo, Utah

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