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Inmarsat Multi-Voice Service

Do you remember when Inmarsat Fleet-77 provided up to 6 voice lines and you could call, or be called from the bridge, the Captain’s day room, the Ship’s office, the Chief Engineer’s office, or even the ECR?

Many were disappointed when Inmarsat’s shiny new FleetBroadband service only provided one voice line?   Several years later Inmarsat introduced FleetBroadband Multi-Voice; promising up to 8 voice lines for a small one-time fee.   Our expectations were dashed when it was discovered you couldn’t call into the additional numbers – they could only be used for outbound calls.

Finally, multi-voice limitations have been removed!   For a one-time SIM provisioning fee, Mackay will connect your systems with Inmarsat’s Newest FleetBroadband Multi-Voice Service; providing customers full-duplex voice service with 8 in and outbound calling numbers for FB500’s, 6 numbers on an FB250, and 4 numbers on an FB150.

Inmarsat Multi-Voice Number Features

– Can be assigned to individual handsets – either VoIP or analog

– All of them can be concurrently used for both inbound and outbound calls

– Provide the same high-quality voice service Inmarsat FleetBroadband is known for

– Can be used with the FleetBroadband’s internal telephone switch for no charge intra-ship voice calls

– Allow the transfer of satellite voice calls between handsets

– Have individual calling restrictions assigned (i.e. restrict one line to crew calling-card use only)

– Take advantage of Inmarsat’s highly discounted add-on voice bundles

– Provide a separate voice line to the ship’s anti-piracy citadel

– Can be used to provide service to an external phone PBX, if available



For more information about Inmarsat’s Multi-Voice Service and Mackay’s Airtime Service Plans

Contact Mackay at  or +1 919 850 3100.


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