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Telemed Backpack Proof of Concept Connectivity in Remote Alaska 

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Partners In Energy can provide Telemedicine Solutions for your organization. Our network of partners allow us to provide hardware and software solutions that are customized to your needs. In addition, Partners In Energy is a distributor and authorized representative for SwyMed telemedicine solutions including all of their hardware and software. SwyMed’s most exciting product – their DOT Telemedicine backpack is unlike any product on the market. This unit was designed to be used in ambulances and has been deployed across Europe, Russia and many other countries. Although designed for ambulance use, the unit can also be used as a easily deployable telemedicine solution for clinics and remote locations such as oil platforms, Ranger stations or combat zones. The backpack works on the absolute lowest amount of broadband and can also work off of satellite.

What if the patient needs immediate diagnosis but is nowhere near qualified medical help?

Partners In Energy had the distinct pleasure of helping the Telemedicine Technology Assessment Center (TTAC) in Anchorage, Alaska with a demonstration project on the swyMed DOT telemedicine backpack and the swyMed Telehealth software. Mick Dubuis, from PIE transported this compact telemedicine unit to numerous remote locations throughout Alaska, to test the unit’s connectivity in several unforgiving and extremely remote environments. Test locations included: Denali National Park, Spencer Glacier, Soldotna and Homer, AK. The collaborative project  between swyMed, Mackay Communications, Partners In Energy, and TTAC were able to deliver “proof of concept”. It was demonstrated that broadband communication can be achieved, regardless of location, whether by standard cell-service connection, or when necessary, satellite connectivity; employing a Mackay Explorer 510 BGAN satellite terminal and airtime solution. GCI and AT&T provided SIM cards for the cellular function in the backpack for the demonstration.

The swyMed DOT backpack is currently widely used in the US, Europe, India, and the Middle East. The unit can be instantly deployed as a telemedicine hub for remote locations, combat theaters, sea-going vessels, and isolated outposts such as oil platforms. As demonstrated in the pictures there are very few places on earth, that we cannot instantly make a telemedicine enabled location.

The world’s first truly mobile telemedicine solution for Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) – reliably connecting and delivering care even where bandwidth is low.

Doctors Used to Carry Bags…Bags Now Carry Doctors

swyMed takes telemedicine to a new frontier with a plug-and-play telemedicine backpack that for the first time enables real-time video telemedicine in truly mobile environments. The swyMed DOT Telemedicine Backpack gives mobile care providers the ability to connect to doctors for real-time video medicine –anywhere, any time – truly a “Doc-on-Tap.”

Connecting Where Others Can’t

Powered by swyMed’s patented software, the DOT Telemedicine Backpack is light, easy to use, and delivers unparalleled connectivity. It includes everything needed for a reliable, exceptional-quality video telemedicine encounter, including antennas, redundant dual-modem connection, 8-hour battery, integrated speaker/microphone, two digital scopes, and ruggedized sunlight-readable tablet with full HD camera. swyMed’s proven software overcomes traditional connectivity issues in even the most difficult environments to enable professionals to treat and monitor patients from anywhere through real-time video.


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