2019 Mackay Satellite Trade Shows and Customer Seminars

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Join Mackay Communications’ Satellite Services team at our upcoming trade show exhibits, conferences, & seminars.  We look forward to discussing how satellite communication solutions can best fit your application and improve your business operations.

Any questions, contact: Mackay Satellite Services  +1 919-850-3100, satserv@mackaycomm.com

(Click for 2019 Mackay MARINE Events, inclusive of Mackay’s Maritime Satellite products)

Mackay Land-Mobile Satellite 2019 Trade Shows & Seminars (Updated):

Feb. 18-21          SC Emergency Management Expo, Myrtle Beach, SC

March 6-7          Intl Wireless Communications (IWCE), Las Vegas, NV- Booth 967
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March 19-20      VA Hospital and Healthcare Academy, VA Beach, VA

April 14-16         ATA 2019 (Telemedicine), New Orleans – Booth 912

April 23-24         Natl. Hurricane Conference & Expo, New Orleans – Booth 616

Sept. 9-10          2019 NC Public Safety Communications Conference, Winston Salem, NC 

Sept. 10-11        Disaster Planning for California Hospitals, Pasadena CA – Booth 207

Sept. 12              No. California APCO* Vendor Showcase, Sacramento, CA

Oct. 22-23          U.S. Gas Power/ Integ. Renewable Power/ Water Treatment
                            Conferences & Combined Expo, Crowne Plaza Downtown, Dallas, TX

Oct. 24               So. California APCO*/ CPRA** Vendor Expo, Montebello, CA

Nov. 19-20          67th IAEM Conf. & EMEX (Emerg. Mgmt. Expo), Savannah, GA – Booth 237


* Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO)

** California Public Safety Radio Association (CPRO)

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