Mackay Marine Stands Ready to Serve your Vessels Globally During COVID-19

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ALL 40 of Mackay Marine’s global locations are fully operational. Mackay anticipates remaining open throughout the COVID-19 Epidemic.

Contact MACKAY WORLD SERVICE, for 24/7 marine electronics service coordination at:

Equipment Sales & Satellite Communications inquiries can be forwarded to

For Spare Parts & Small Finished Goods, contact one of Mackay’s 12 Regional Order Fulfillment Teams (see Pg. 2 of OTC Flyer)

Please NOTE: For the Safety & Well-Being of Mackay Marine’s Service Technicians and attending Ship’s Crew, our Service Coordinators will request completion of Mackay’s COVID-19 Vessel Risk Assessment Checklist v02.3 03-20 by the Ship’s Representative, prior to Mackay servicing the vessel.

Wishing our Customers & Colleagues the best of health during these challenging times.

Originally posted on Mackay’s LinkedIn site March 18, 2020: 

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