January 2022 GPS ROLLOVER is HERE & May 2022 is Just Around the Corner – Contact Mackay to Ensure Navigation Safety

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Re-Publishing as a REMINDER – Ensure your GPS-related electronics have been updated or replaced so critical Comm/Nav bridge electronics provide accurate readings for navigation efficiency and safety at sea!

UPDATED GPS LookUp Table: Summarizing which Products/Serial Numbers Impacted 4-27-22

January 2022 GPS ROLLOVER impacts the following FURUNO devices*:

  • GPS Navigator – GP-32, GP33, GP-80, GP-90, GP150, GP500MKII
  • Dual GPS Navigator – GP-90 and GP150
  • DGPS Navigator – GP-37
  • GPS Receivers – GP-330B
  • GPS & DGPS/Plotter/Sounders – GP-1650 & GP1850 (W/WD/WF/WDF); GP-7000/F  & GP-3500 & GP-3500F
  • AIS FA150 and FA50
  • Felcom 15 & Felcom 16 Inmarsat-C
  • Felcom 18 & Felcom 19 MES SSAS / LRIT
  • Satellite Compasses SC30, SC50, SC110
  • Satellite Speed Log GS100
  • Weather Station WS200

May 15, 2022 IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER – GPS Rollover affecting JRC electronics*:

  • Inmarsat C JUE-85
  • Inmarsat mini-C JUE-95 (SA/ LT/ VM)
  • FleetBroadband (FBB) JUE-250
  • GPS Navigator JLR-7700 MKII
  • GPS Receivers JLR-4300 & 4331

*Depending on device, either ALL or specific S/N or CORE may apply

Without taking action, the internal dates/clock will either roll-back to the incorrect date (May 19, 2002 / Sept. 29, 2002) and display the wrong position, or the units can be expected to fail.  The impact is compounded when interfacing with other navigation equipment (ECDIS, GMDSS, SSAS. VDR, ODME, etc.).

Mackay is standing by ready to provide software upgrade assistance or product replacement in order to maintain data integrity and reliable navigation operations.

Contact Mackay World Service 24/7 to coordinate service or any of Mackay’s 50+ Global Locations

Mackay looks forward to ensuring your vessel’s seamless operations.
Mackay World Service 24/7 at +1 281 478 6245 or service@mackaymarine.com

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