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Skipper EMES60 Speed Log

The Skipper EMES60 Speed Log is a combined Echo Sounder and Electromagnetic Speed Log (STW) integrated into one sensor. Only one hull penetration is needed! However, the two systems are totally separated internally. Key Features 2x touch screens (one for the Echo Sounder and one for the EML) Dual universal interface unit Dual power supply… Read More

Skipper ESN100 Echo Sounder

The SKIPPER ESN100 is a navigation Echo Sounder with a black box and a 9″ touch display. The Echo Sounder graphics are continuously shown on the screen along with complete navigational details. Most of the functions are automatic, but it is also possible to run it in manual mode. MED B approved. Single channel navigational… Read More

Skipper DL 1 / DL 2 / DL 21 Doppler Speed Log

DL 1 – Single Axis Doppler Speed Log The SKIPPER DL1 measures the speed of the vessel through the water at all times and in any depth. The system includes a single sensor mounted in a tank or sea valve. The display housing can be mounted anywhere on the bridge and a connection box can… Read More

Skipper DL850 270 kHz Dual Axis Doppler Speed Log

The SKIPPER DL 850 is a dual axis speed log, working on the Doppler principle, providing longitudinal and fore/aft transversal ship speed relative to the sea bed or the water. The DL 850  provides accurate navigation parameters measured as they happen, and presented in a logical, user friendly way.   Key Features Speed over ground… Read More

Skipper Compact EML224 Single or Dual Axis Speed Log

Skipper’s COMPACT EML224 is a single or dual axis electromagnetic speed log that provides longitudinal and transversal ship’s speed. Key Features Water speed in single or dual dual axis, in real-time 28 x 30 LED dot matrix with full night dimming Sea temperature readout NMEA 0183 Interface & Analog pulses output Can interface with bridge &… Read More

Wideye SKIPPER 150 FleetBroadband

Wideye SKIPPER 150 FleetBroadband satellite terminal, specifically designed for the small and mid-sized commercial marine, fishing and leisure vessels at price and service levels never before available in this vast market sector. Single user system with data speeds up to 150kbps, enabling Internet access, clear voice, text messages and email around the world; with the comfort… Read More

Skipper GDS101 Echo Sounder

Skipper GDS101 (Graphic Depth Sounder) Echo Sounder System is a highly reliable universal echo sounder with advanced functionality, that is easy-to-use and install. The GDS101 stores data from the last 24 hours including depth, time, date, position, course and speed in its internal memory. The echo sounder’s rugged and robust design can be operated as a single… Read More

Furuno FCV1150 Fish Finder

The Furuno FCV1150 Fish Finder is a color digital sounder designed for a variety of professional fishing operations. It features a high-brightness, bonded 12.1″ LCD display with AR-coated glass filter and anti-polarized sunglass filter, providing superior viewing even in direct sunlight. You can choose to display the echo presentation in 8, 16, or 64 colors,… Read More

Furuno FCV295 Fish Finder

The Furuno FCV295 Fish Finder is a color digital sounder designed for a variety of professional fishing operations. It features a bonded 10.4″ LCD display providing superior viewing even in direct sunlight. You can display echoes in 8, 16, or 64 colors, with color assignment dependent on the strength of the returned echo. The Furuno… Read More

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