Skipper SD21 Speedlog (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

The SKIPPER SD21 Speedlog is a three axis speed log and a one axis speed log providing both SOG and STW. It is providing longitudinal and fore/aft transversal ship speed over ground (SOG) in additional to longitudinal speed through water (STW). The SKIPPER SD21 Speedloh provides accurate navigation parameters measured as they happen, and presented in a logical, user friendly way.

Full coverage of the wheelmark SDME (IEC61023 ) standard can be achieved with the SD21 combined SOG and Doppler Speed Log. This system includes all the systems you will require, a total of 13 NMEA0183 outputs (4 for STW, 7 for SOG), Auxiliary outputs and inputs and LAN. The systems are designed to be simple to integrate to INS or supported PCs. This system is ideal for vessels that have limited/difficult access to the hull, or complicated hydrodynamics, such as dual ended ferries, landing craft.



  • Speed over ground (SOG) in three axis (Docking mode)
  • Speed through water (STW) in one axis
  • Color 9″ touch screen with day/night screens and Compact dot LED display
  • NMEA 0183 output
  • LAN
  • GPS, GLONASS (SOG) and Doppler speed (STW)


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