Certified 15 PPM Maritime Service

15ppm Bilge Alarm / Oily-Water Separator Monitors
Mackay Marine Calibration & Function Test Services:

Lump Sum Calibration Service Packages
Deckma Models OMD-11, 21, 2005, 2008, & 24 (pdf)

On-Board Calibration
(Deckma OMD-11 / 21)
or Function Test
(Deckma OMD-2005 / 2008 / 24)
USD $1,795

  • Includes: testing, standard spares, serialized Deckma certificate, & local travel within 30 miles of any Mackay-USA Depot
  • Repairs & additional parts are NOT included
  • Performed by a Mackay Technician

(USA Only, Mackay arranges Global Service)

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Shop Calibration
(ALL Models)
USD $775

  • Vessel crew removes Measuring Cell/Unit*
    • Ship cell/unit to Mackay-New Orleans Calibration Workshop
  • Mackay calibrates & returns cell w/i 48 hours
  • Ship re-installs or stores onboard as back-up
    * “Unit” applies only to OMD 11 / 21

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Measuring Cell Program Options
(Deckma OMD-2005 / 2008 / 24)
USD $2,525

Option 1: New Measuring Cell

  • Purchase a NEW Measuring Cell (Non-Exchange, typically kept onboard as a spare)

Option 2: Swap Stock

  • Purchase an additional NEW Measuring Cell for storage at Mackay-New Orleans facility.
  • Measuring Cell is tagged as property of the vessel/customer.
  • Upon request, Measuring Cell is calibrated & shipped to the vessel.
  • “Removed Cell” is returned to Mackay for testing & stored for customer’s future use
  • $775 calibration fee charged per “Cell-Swap”

Option 3: Refurbished (Exchange) Measuring Cell

  • Mackay sends the vessel a calibrated Refurbished Measuring Cell
  • Vessel returns the “old cell” to Mackay within 30 days of receiving the refurbished/exchange cell
  • Upon return, if the cell tests eligible for refurbishing:
    • Mackay will credit $800 towards the customer’s $2,525 invoice
    • The returned cell is considered Mackay property

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For 15ppm service or more details, complete the Online Service Request Form, or contact Mackay at calibrations@mackaymarine.com or +1 504 733 5824.

For Complete Mackay OWM Product & Service Offerings,
see the Deckma Oily Water Monitors / Bilge Alarm Monitors page.

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