VAF Proflow Vane FlowMeter Fuel Flow Measurement

VAF Instruments

VAF Instruments ProFlow Sliding Vane Meters DN 15 – 50 (1/2” – 2”)

VAF’s ProFlow positive displacement sliding vane meters are used in continuous metering applications of oil-like liquids; especially for accurate measurement of fuel oil consumption.

Proflow flowmeters are available in connection sizes from 15 mm up to 50 mm; representing maximum flow ranges from 50 L/Min up to 500 L/Min.  Proflow meters can be fitted with non-resettable counters and pulse transmitters.  These meters are specifically developed for measurement of all kinds of hydrocarbon liquids, in particular medium and heavy fuel oils for combustion engines, lubricating oils and other oil-like liquids.

ProFlow flowmeters have a simple, rugged design. With only few almost frictionless moving internal parts there is hardly any wear in the flowmeter which safeguards a typical long lasting lifetime. ProFlow meters have no mechanical seals saving you from regular maintenance and possible leakage of process liquids into the environment.

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