VAF Viscosense 2 Fuel Viscosity Control

VAF Instruments

NOTE:  VAF Instrument’s ViscoSense2 has been replaced by the ViscoSense3 and ViscoSense3D Fuel Viscosity Controls , providing significantly improved features and fuel efficiencies.  

The ViscoSense3 fuel viscosity controllers use the same sensor as the ViscoSense2, but with a different interface box.  Until further notice, the ViscoSense2 will continue to be supported.  Contact Mackay Marine with any questions or interest in upgrading to the ViscoSense3 Fuel Viscosity Control Series.

The ViscoSense2  is a viscosity sensor utilized in fuel oil applications.  A large variation in the quality and composition of fuel oil makes the behavior of the fuel oil at higher temperatures harder to predict.   Optimal viscosity is needed for the best possible atomization of HFO in the engine so the fuel will be burnt completely without leaving deposits.

The measurement and control of the viscosity ensures improved combustion efficiency, prevents engine damage, decreases pollution, and reduces maintenance.

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