VAF ViscoSense 3 Fuel Viscosity Control & ViscoSense 3D Viscosity Control & Density Measurement

VAF Instruments

Operating costs of a ship are primarily fuel-related, making it critical to use fuel efficiently. The measurement and control of the viscosity and density ensures improved combustion efficiency, prevent engine damage, reduces maintenance costs, and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

VAF Instrument’s ViscoSense3 & ViscoSense3D are the latest in a long history of innovative development of outstanding viscosity sensors for fuel oil applications.  The ViscoSense3 Series is an enhanced replacement to VAF’s ViscoSense2 Viscosity Control.

A large variation in the quality and composition of fuel oil makes the behavior of the fuel oil at higher temperatures harder to predict.  An optimal viscosity is needed for the best possible atomization of HFO in the engine, so the fuel will be burnt completely without remaining deposits.

The ViscoSense3 & ViscoSense3D are highly accurate, reliable and cost-effective solutions for enhanced fuel efficiency.  When used in conjunction with several other VAF Instruments devices, vessels can optimize overall fuel economies and minimizes the impact on the maritime environment.

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