VAF Instruments IVY® Propulsion Performance Management System

VAF Instruments

From ship to shore, VAF Instruments IVY® Propulsion Performance Management System, enriches big data for powerful analysis, fleet and ship performance visualization and insight into the relevant data and KPI’s via the IVY® dashboard.

Managing a fleet comes with numerous responsibilities and challenges. When it comes to fleet management, optimizing fleets’ performance is key. But Fleet Performance Management is not
only driven by cost-effective goals and decisions. Environmental impact, competition and pending rules and regulations are also taken into account. To be one step ahead in Propulsion Performance Management, IVY®, VAF Instruments’ software solution for Propulsion Performance Management, will provide you the fleet at your fingertips.

The IVY®, Propulsion Performance Management System provides a relevant overview of the performance of entire fleets.  It enables monitoring and comparing the performance of an entire fleet of ships and individual ships.  IVY® automatically collects all data, performs powerful analyses and interpretation base on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); provides insight through full graphical display of sensor data.  In addition, sister ships’ performance can be compared in the fleet overview.

The collected sensor data is sent to the IVY-cloud via the ships’ satellite connection and is accessible at the office onshore and on board ships. The ship and fleet data can be easily accessed, visualized and analyzed via the IVY® web application. This application is available any time and on any device with an internet connection and web browser.

In addition to enabling up to 20% savings on fuel and maintenance costs, VAF Instruments IVY® Propulsion Performance Management System is the solution for MRV and IMO reporting.  IVY® transforms the Internet-of-Things into the Internet-of-Ships and provides interpretive relevancy to Big Data at the operational and management decision making level.

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