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Due to the increasing awareness of the impact of exhaust emissions on the environment, combined with the continued increases in fuel costs, there is a great need for reduction in fuel consumption.  This has led to a high demand for accurate measurement systems to monitor the fuel consumption per engine.

Fuel consumption can be measured on ships, and all varieties of power and propulsion plants.  Various types of fuel can be measured, such as heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil or bio-oils.  Depending on the design of the fuel system and the preference of the customer, one or multiple flowmeters can be used in combination with temperature compensation to obtain the most accurate measurements.

Please find below,  an Application Bulletin and Solution Proposal addressing this important issue.  When Fuel Consumption Measurement is applied in conjunction with several other VAF Instruments devices and their dynamic IVY Propulsion Performance Management System, vessels can optimize overall fuel economies and minimize the impact on the maritime environment.

You can rely on VAF Instruments, who has been committed to reliable monitor and measuring equipment for maritime and industrial equipment for decades.

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