VAF TT-Sense Shaft Power Torque & Thrust Measuring Systems

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VAF  Optical Thrust & Torque Measuring System (TT-Sense), with an optional connection to a Propulsion Efficiency Monitor (PEM), captures and displays propeller thrust, shaft power, torque and speed details on a compact display.

Due to IMO regulations, a SEEMP (*Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) is mandatory, as of 2013, for all vessels on their first renewal or intermediary survey. Several TT-Sense measurements will contribute to complying with this requirement.

VAF’s TT-Sense provides details on propeller efficiency, hull resistance and vessel pitch optimization. The real-time measurements assist with propulsion monitoring, which can contribute to decreased fuel costs and a potential indicator of malfunctions in the propulsion system.


  • Fuel Savings & Efficiency
  • Designed to be robust and withstand the harsh maritime environment.
  • State-of-the-art optical sensor technology increases accuracy of measurement.
  • Non-contact power and signal transmission decreases maintenance

TT-Sense® enables fuel cost reduction through:

  • Very high accuracy and repeatability
  • Propeller thrust and hull analysis possible
  • Pitch optimization
  • Cavitation detection
  • In line with SEEMP* regulation
  • No time-consuming mounting of strain gauges
  • User-friendly interface

Besides the standard output of a thrust, torque, shaft speed and power signal, the TT-Sense® can be combined with VAF fuel consumption flow meters and can be extended with energy consumption and propeller shaft analysis. Cumulatively resulting in even larger efficiency!

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