VAF T-Sense Shaft Power Torque Measuring System

VAF Instruments

Employing VAF’s T-Sense Torque Measuring System results in efficiency improvement, overload protection and prevention of breakdown costs.  Its usage in the shipping industry has led to savings up to 5% on fuel costs.

The system is based on an extremely accurate optical sensor technology and can be mounted around shafts in power transmission systems.  A torque measuring system provides you with precise information on engine performance related to energy consumed.  T-Sense torque measuring systems are used for engine-driven installation in all kinds of power and propulsion plants.  A full range of T-Sense torque measuring systems is available.


  • Preventing damage and overhaul costs
  • No engineering and commissioning assistance needed at installation
  • Only one communication cable to the bridge
  • No time consuming mounting of strain gauges
  • Robust design, maintenance free
  • Worldwide service network of certified VAF agents

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