Deckma OMD-2008 Oil Content Meter


(Oil-in-Water Monitor / Bilge Alarm Monitor)

The OMD-2008 Bilge Alarm Monitor was designed by Deckma Hamburg GmbH for use in conjunction with 15ppm Oily Water Separator Systems. The performance and specifications of the OMD-2008 comply with IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49). 

The OMD-2008 Bilge Alarm Monitor is made up of 2 main components: the Computer Unit and the Measuring Cell.  The Computer Unit contains the display PCB with the data logger and the terminals for external connections.  The Measuring Cell contains optics and electronics and is connected to the computer unit via a data cable.  The Computer Unit and Measuring Cell are mounted onto a stainless steel support that holds the Valve Assembly. The valve’s handle controls sample water flow and clean water usage. Separate mounting plates for the Computer Unit & Measuring Cell with Valve are available upon request.

To view the OMD-2008 U.S Coast Guard Certificate of Approval (COA), download the Deckma OMD-2008 Product Datasheet below (USCG Certificate appended), OR CLICK HERE to review the COA on the USCG website.

Contact Jennifer Ory for more information:
+1 (504) 733-5824

NOTE: For IMO-Required Calibrations Service, Mackay Marine is a Deckma-Certified Calibration Provider.  OMD-2008 calibrations cannot be performed on-site, they must be sent to Mackay Marine’s Harahan, LA office.

See pdf below: NEW Lump Sum Pricing Options for OMD-2008 Calibration/Function Test Services

For Calibrations, phone Jennifer Ory (above),or

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