Deckma TMD-90 Series


The TMD-90 Turbidity Monitoring Device has been designed specifically for measurement of turbidity (NTU) in water.

The TMD-90 has been constructed using technology of the DECKMA HAMBURG OMD series industrial instruments and 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors, that have a specification and performance which exceeds the requirements of the International Maritime Organization specifications for 15ppm Oil-in-Water Monitors contained in Resolution MEPC. 107 (49). The TMD-90 unit is supplied with 2 works-adjusted alarms at 50 NTU. Other set points are possible (e.g. 200 NTU) and can be adjusted on site at any time by using the buttons at the front panel.

Key Features:

  • 200 NTU extended range
  • Accuracy up to +/- 5 NTU below 100 NTU
  • Less than <5 sec response time
  • Datalogging System
  • Lightweight

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