Cobham Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV System (End of Life)


This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products. Repairs for this product are expected until October 31, 2026. 

Replacement product Cobham Sea Tel TV-at-Sea 

Cobham Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV System and its high elevation range enables viewing TV at higher latitudes. Plus its automatic skew control antenna allows it to operate at optimal skew angle to receive satellite signal at maximum strength.


  • Touch screen graphical antenna control panel
  • Built-in test for trouble free operation and smarter fault detection
  • High performance stabilization
  • Tuna Tower Ready – no upgrades needed
  • Operational at higher latitudes
  • Auto skew option available
  • Acts as backup GPS system with full navigational data
  • HD ready (Ku-Band satellites)

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