Furuno FELCOM 500 FleetBroadband (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information. This product has been replaced by the Furuno Felcom 501 FleetBroadband*

Furuno FELCOM 500 FleetBroadband Satellite Terminal delivers fast, cost-effective global solution to maritime communications.  With constant, simultaneous voice and multiple high-speed data, operational navigation is enhanced, such as such real-time weather and chart updates for optimal route planning and monitoring, while increasing crew satisfaction via Internet access, e-mail and VoIP through a single compact terminal.

The FELCOM 500 is FURUNO’s new Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminal, which delivers ship-to-shore / ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 432kbps together with voice communication all at the same time by utilizing the latest generation Inmarsat I-4 satellites. FleetBroadband offers the data communication services with both shared bandwidth (Standard IP of up to 432 kbps) and dedicated data rate (Streaming IP of up to 256 kbps). On top of that, users can make use of ISDN data service* as well as FAX communication.


  • Standard IP data to 432kbps, selectable streaming to 256kbps
  • ISDN data service
  • FAX, superior voice
  • IP handset/IP-PBX

Inmarsat Multi-Voice Service

Contact Mackay’s Satellite Solutions Department at 919-850-3100, satserv@mackaycomm.com to discuss your marine communications’ requirements, Furuno FELCOM 500 equipment pricing, and the satellite airtime package that best suits your application.

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