Intellian t130W / t130Q Global Satellite TV System


This 1.25m reflector system receives SD or HD programming from any Ku-band satellite TV service without requiring LNB changes or re-wiring of the system when travelling globally. For those managing larger fleets, the Intellian t130W Ku-Band TV Antenna System can be networked with any onboard, Intellian-built satellite communications system (VSAT or FleetBroadband) to allow remote access and management via Aptus Web no matter where the vessel is located around the globe.

Intellian t130W provides the ultimate convenience to connect you up to thousands of Free TV, Pay TV, Standard Definition, and High Definition programming all over the world with one LNB module which incorporates multi (8) LO frequencies.

With its Wi-Fi capable ACU, users can connect wirelessly to the t130W / t130Q using Aptus PC or Aptus Mobile, an iOS Mobile Application available for free download through the App Store. Aptus offers users instant diagnostics, performance logging functions, and one touch updates to the antenna’s firmware and the Global Satellite Library, ensuring the antenna delivers peak performance at all times.

* The t130Q comes with a Universal Quad LNB optimized for the European region.


  • Global Reception
  • Remote Management & Control
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Antenna Control Unit
  • iQ2: Quick & Quiet Technology
  • Quattro Switching Module Pre-Installed
  • Fully Automated System
  • wireless connectivity

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